One Small Step Towards Creating an Authority Site

Am I a celebrity? Am I a successful businessman? Am an expert of some sort? With a website in my name, I must be a somebody right?

Unfortunately I am not. I am just a simple minded person with an array of constantly changing interests.

Over the past several years, I have attempted to build an assortment of niche websites and have had mild success with them. The idea of these niche sites were brought on by the fact that I have so many different interests and/or ideas. The plan was to build these targeted websites, add affiliate links, and ultimately make millions on top of millions doing so in the comfort of my own home. However there is one problem, I get bored very easily and always want to move on to my next project or idea. This made maintaining those sites very difficult and unfulfilling.

Now comes, the domain name that I acquired a few years ago not knowing what I would do with it. But its my name, I had to register it and i highly suggest you do the same with your own name. This brings me to my newest and hopefully long lasting project. Creating an authority site that contains ALL of my interests wrapped up into one neat little package. A buffet of a website if you will, having a little bit of everything.

When I become interested in something, I become obsessed and want to learn everything there is about the topic. I have spent countless hours doing research, reading articles, and participating in discussion boards, just to gain knowledge. So much knowledge, that I feel confident to teach or explain the subject to others. At that point is usually when I get bored and move on to the next project. So the goal of this website, put everything I learn down in writing before moving on. I want this site to have authority and to contain quality content that people can value.

I’m not entirely sure how I will go about achieving this goal but I do know that I want to make this site my authority site. But even before that, few questions will need to be answered in ordered to neatly present my thoughts. How will I categorize my articles? What theme will I use for WordPress? Am I looking for subscribers or direct search results? Will I use video, pictures, or both? How will I monetize my efforts? I guess these questions will be answered as time goes on.

So sit back and lets see what happens. Who knows? This may be the only post I write on this site because I’m already losing interest!



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  1. Thanks for posting the tru-oil guitar finish demo. I hate using spray lacquer and the oil looks way better. Just finished a tele and love it. Thanks!

  2. hey Fred, you do a great job of instruction in the DIY guitar. thumbs up. Do you play the guitar? I was hoping to hear it after you built it. Most guitar owner want to hear what they sound like. I understand that these DIY can be a flop in the sound and looks department. Maybe you can post a sequence to the blue DIY, hope so?


  3. Fred,

    The videos are great!!!

    My questions are the following:

    What are the best video cards for mining these days and what am I looking for in a video card to determine what makes it special for mining?

    Do I have to look for different video cards for different coins when mining them?

    Any response would be greatly appreciated.

    Keep up the good work and best wishes.