Bionic Fitness Gloves Review

Bionic Workout GlovesBack in the gym, this time with soft silky smooth hands! No no no… I haven’t started using a new brand of moisturizer. Instead, I got myself a new pair of Bionic workout gloves. Now these gloves are by no means cheap. In fact, the price I paid for these could have covered my gym membership fees for an entire month. I bought my pair of gloves on Amazon, but sometimes you can find these gloves cheaper on eBay. Is it worth the price? Well let’s just dive right into my Bionic Fitness Glove Review!

Why wear gloves?

I have posted recent articles laying out my workout routine. This routine involves six days of weight training while hitting every muscle group twice a week. I’ve actually have been following this routine pretty religiously and I have been feeling great. The only issue with lifting weights this much is that it has been killing my hands. Not only with soreness but I have also been developing quite a bit of callouses, and that just ain’t cool.

Now if you follow any real body building social groups or forums, you’ll see that there’s a lot of hatin’ going around about wearing workout gloves. According to the gym rats and meat heads, wearing workout gloves are only for the weak and the noobs. Nonsense I say! I would rather look like a tool than have rough and messed up hands. If you are reading this article, I am going to assume you have similar thoughts as myself.

Why choose Bionic Fitness Gloves?

These gloves come in both men and women’s fitment and has the option for either full-fingered or half fingered design. Bionic claims that these gloves were created by an orthopedic hand surgeon allowing superior grip, comfort and durability. The materials used are of very high quality with sheepskin leather around the palms and plenty of padding in exactly the right areas. I really do have to say that these gloves are very comfortable and seem to fit perfectly.

The knuckle area is made out of mesh-like material and has webbing in between the fingers. These are designed to give your hands the ability to breathe while reducing sweating. Another benefit of the material and its placement is that it gives your hands full range of motion. These gloves fit very tightly around my hands, yet my fingers and movements are not restricted in anyway.

What are the downsides to Bionic Fitness Gloves?

There’s not many, but one huge downside is obviously the price. These are pretty expensive workout gloves and you really have to make your own decision on whether you feel you can justify the cost. You can walk into any sporting goods store and easily choose from dozens of other gloves at half the cost of these Bionic gloves.

Another very small issue is that these gloves fit too perfectly! Wait… why is that a downside? Well it’s not a problem really, but because these gloves fit so well around your hands, taking them off can be slightly more difficult when compared to other gloves. You have to pick and pull one finger at a time until the gloves finally release. It’s a very small issue, or maybe not an issue at all, but I felt that this should be something to bring up.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I think these Bionic Fitness gloves are well worth the price. Yes they are expensive, but if you are spending hours at the gym, you might as well feel comfortable doing so. I have bought several gloves in the past, usually the cheapest ones I can find, and these gloves blow everything I have tried out of the water.

Go buy a pair!

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