Hang ’em High Guitar Wall Mount

Many you have already seen my guitar building videos here. Since I was so pleased with the outcome of that project, I wanted to find a good way display my new guitar on the wall so that I could keep it off the ground.

Most of the guitar hangers I found were just hooks that hung the guitar by its neck. I wasn’t too keen on that idea but eventually found this product, the Hang ’em High guitar wall mount (eBay).

This product immediately caught my attention. It really fulfilled the two requirements I had for a guitar mount.

  1. Securely mounts to the wall
  2. Does not hang guitar by it’s neck

The guitar mount even holds the guitar at an angle. I thought this would look really great above the desk in my office.


Installing this guitar wall mount (eBay) couldn’t have been easier!

Here’s what it included:

  1. Two mounting blocks (one for the body and one for the neck)
  2. Three padded hooks
  3. A bag of screws and wall anchors
  4. Free guitar pick!

Simply mark the wall for where you want the guitar body to be, then mark what angle you want the guitar to lean. Just drill two holes for each mounting block after you have decided on it’s position.

After that, all you need to do is install the wall anchors in the holes that you drilled. Mount the blocks with the supplied screws, attach the padded hooks to the blocks, and you are done!

Go ahead, place your axe on the guitar wall mount and stand back to marvel at your handy work!

My Thoughts

I am very happy with the Hang ’em High (eBay) guitar wall mount. There were only a free guitar hangers that I found that would allow you to mount the guitar at an angle. I chose this particular guitar mount because of its simplicity of securing the guitar. I have absolutely no concerns of the the quality of this wall hanger or any fears of it falling down.

So if you have been meaning to mount your guitar on the wall, I would definitely recommend Hang ’em High.

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