Health and Fitness Goal for 2013

fred works outAre you happy with the way you look when you see yourself in the mirror? Well I’m not! In fact, I am so disgusted with what I see that all I want to do is stab chopsticks in my eyes. Okay okay… that isn’t remotely true at all, but I do want to get in better shape.

My health and fitness goal for 2013 is to eat right and build some rock hard muscles. Now don’t get the wrong idea here, this isn’t some ‘New Years Resolution’ that I have set for myself. This is just a lifestyle change that I am finally motivated to achieve.

I haven’t always been dissatisfied with the way my body looks. As a matter of fact, a few years ago many people would have said that I was TOO SATISFIED with my appearance. I had to constantly defend myself by explaining to people the difference between ‘cocky’ and ‘confident.’ Yeah, those were the good old days. So what happened to that?

Well… life happened and I had to prioritize other aspects of that life. A full-time desk job at a large financial institution. A full-time boyfriend position with my lovely girlfriend (still going on strong btw). Fast food and take-out just became too convenient. Plus I was getting older and my metabolism wasn’t getting any faster. Those are all just excuses though and I have finally realized that. I am ready to make the change.

So how am I going to accomplish this quest? To be honest, I haven’t really figured all of that out yet. I do know that I want to eat healthier, but I won’t be counting calories. I do know I will be hitting the gym hard, already have a membership. As I do more research, I am sure that I will be able to bring more science into my methodology.

Let me take some time to share with you my current health and fitness influences. First off, 4-Hour Body by Timothy Ferriss. Love him or hate him, he seems like a cool dude and has obviously accomplished a lot in his life. Second to that,, he’s a nerd and I have a close connection with that. Last but not least (actually my favorite), the Hodge Twins with their Twin Muscle Workout YouTube channel. These guys are hilarious and you will find yourself repeating their catch phrases over and over.

I will go into more details about my influences and what’s keeping me motivated in future posts. But I think this is the year that I will make all kinds of gains. So that’s my health and fitness goals for 2013, what’s yours?

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  1. You lookin’ to build some muscle man?