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Bionic Fitness Gloves Review

http://youtu.be/A44OOGl-dpM Back in the gym, this time with soft silky smooth hands! No no no… I haven’t started using a new brand of moisturizer. Instead, I got myself a new pair of Bionic workout gloves. Now these gloves are by no means cheap. In fact, the price I paid for …

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Dishonored Game Review

The Arran Martin Review is back! This time Arran brings us the Dishonored game review that we have eagerly been waiting for. So listen up and give this man the respect he deserves! Developer(s) Arkane Studios Publisher(s) Bethesda Softworks Designer(s) Ricardo Bare Harvey Smith Raphaël Colantonio Platform(s) Microsoft Windows PlayStation …

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The Walking Dead Game Review

Guest writer Arran Martin gives us an in-depth review of the game based upon the very popular TV series ‘The Walking Dead.’ Take it away Arran! Developer(s): Telltale Games Platform(s): Mac OS X Microsoft Windows PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 Release date(s): 2012 Genre(s): Point-and-click adventure Mode(s): Single-player (Third-person view)   …

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