Workout Routine that Fits Your Schedule

workout routineIn my last article, I wrote about my Health and Fitness goals for 2013. Well all I can say is that everything went downhill from there. The very next day after publishing the article, I came down with the Flu and that took me out of the game for almost an entire week.

I was so motivated too! I was eating healthy and working out the days prior to becoming ill struck. I even had a perfect cheat day planned but was unable to take advantage of the one day I had set aside to stuff my face with greasy, fatty, and unhealthy foods. All I could do was lay in bed wrapped up in blankets, like the burrito that I had planned to devour.

After several days, I have finally re-gained the will to live. So as I lay on the couch with phone in hand, I am going to type out what I believe will be a workout routine that fits my schedule for the next few months. This won’t be detailed as in what specific workouts I do. This will mainly be used to separate what body part I focus on for each day.

Legs and Shoulder

Chest and Triceps

Back and Biceps

Leg and Shoulder

Chest and Triceps

Back and Biceps

Cheat Day – the act of stuffing one’s face

Rinse and Repeat

This is a workout routine that I believe will fit in nicely with my schedule. I do prefer to separate workouts between push muscles and pull muscles and working out daily. There are many people out there that prefer full body workouts, mixing in both push and pull muscles, and only working out a few days a week. The option is yours and there is no wrong answer.

The main reason I prefer the separation of muscle groups is due to the time factor. I work a 40-hour a week, Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm work schedule. Spending a few hours at the gym for a full body workout does not fit in with my schedule. Instead, I like to head straight to the gym after work and spend a solid hour with targeted exercise based on the body part that I’m focusing on for that day.

Then on the weekend, the time I finally get to relax, I give myself the cheat day Saturday. This also allows my muscles to fully recover and prepare for the next week’s training schedule. Sundays are also nice because I have the opportunity to workout anytime during the day. Sometimes I may go in the morning, maybe in the afternoon, or just leave it for the evening like all the other days. I like having that option.

This is all just preference and what I believe will work best for my daily routine. Just use this as an example and figure out a routine that you can handle. As long as you establish a workout routine that fits your schedule, you are bound to see results.

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