Fire Stick Jailbreak – How to Remove Floating Circle Widget Icon

If you followed my recent post regarding how to Jailbreak the Fire Stick and installing KODI, then you may have noticed something quite annoying.

After installing KODI onto the Amazon Fire Stick, you usually end up with a floating circle icon on the righthand side of the screen whenever you start viewing a movie or tv show.

I have received alot of questions about how to remove this floating circle icon and I thought I would share with everyone exactly how to remove it.

How to Remove Floating Icon

This fix is actually really simple and only takes a few minutes.

What you might not know is that the culprit is not actually KODI but instead its ES File Explorer.

So with that said, there is two ways to remove the circle icon.


The first method is to just uninstall ES File Explorer. This will remove the application from your Fire Stick and prevent the icon from appearing permanently.

This is not the method I prefer but I will show you how to uninstall ES File Explore.

Launch the Fire Stick

First turn on your TV and the Fire Stick. You should be at the home screen of the Fire Stick at this point.

Next move down to YOUR APPS AND GAMES, then move all the way to the right until you find SEE ALL.

Find ES File Explorer

After selecting SEE ALL, use your remote to navigate down until you see the ES File Explorer icon.

Once you have that icon highlighted, press your OPTION button. This is the button with the three lines on your Fire Stick remote.

This will bring up an additional menu on the bottom righthand side of your screen. Choose UNINSTALL from that menu and this will successfully uninstall ES File Explore from the Fire Stick.

The floating circle icon should now disappear off your screen.

Next I will show you my preferred method.


This method involves disabling the floating circle icon from ES File Explorer without actually uninstalling the application.

This is my preferred method because I may need ES File Explorer at some point down the road.

Launch the Fire Stick

Again you want to turn on your TV and launch the Amazon Fire Stick. You should now be at the home screen of the Fire Stick.

Next find the ES File Explorer icon and launch the application.

Disable Settings

Once you are in the home screen of ES File Explorer, use the remote and navigate to the left and select SETTINGS.

From the SETTINGS menu, move down until you see LOGGER FLOATING WIDGET SETTINGS.

You want uncheck the option for ENABLE LOGGER FLOATING WIDGET.

After this option is unchecked, you should immediately see that the floating icon is removed from the screen.


I wasn’t planning to make a video about this because the fix is so incredibly simple. However, I received enough questions about this issue that I knew it was information that needed to be available.

Hopefully this fixes the floating circle icon widget for you and improves your enjoyment of KODI on the Fire Stick.

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