DIY Les Paul Guitar Kit (Part 5: Installing the Guitar Bridge)

Installing Guitar BridgeI am back with my DIY Les Paul Guitar Kit. Today we are taking a closer look at installing the guitar bridge, a very simple step to complete. This guitar kit came with a Les Paul style Tune-O-Matic bridge. If you would like to purchase this same guitar kit, please take a look at this eBay seller. I have also written several articles here documenting the process needed to build your own guitar with this kit.

Items needed:

Tune-O-Matic bridge (included in kit)
Rubber Mallet (not included in kit)

*You can also use a regular hammer for this step if you do not own a rubber mallet. However, be very careful not to hurt yourself but more importantly do not hurt the guitar.*

Installing the guitar bridge:

The bridge piece and stop tail piece are both installed by hammering in their corresponding posts into the body of the guitar. This guitar kit comes pre-drilled for these posts which makes installation super easy. Yes, you literally just hammer the bridge and tail piece posts into the holes. That’s all there is to it! It almost seems too simple doesn’t it?

Please watch the video provided above to see just how simple this installation is. Something you may want to take note of is that this guitar kit does not have, or need, a ground wire for the bridge. Factory Les Paul guitars typically will have a single wire wedged into the bridge post and connected to a potmeter to create a ground connection in the circuit. The purpose of this is to prevent or reduce the amount of buzz generated from the pickups.

I do not see this as being an issue for this guitar, but if you are concerned, adding this ground wire would be very simple to do. All that is needed is a small hole drilled in one of the bridge post cavities exiting out of the guitar where the electronics are held.

Whats next in the Guitar build?

The next step in this build is to start wiring in the pickups and adding the knobs and switch. Like with every step, I will document and film the entire process to give you a better idea on how you can achieve the same thing. Once again, here is the link to the same guitar (eBay) if you are looking to start your very own project.

Stay tuned!

(Get this DIY Les Paul Guitar Kit here (eBay) or here on Amazon)


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  1. Thanks for the great video, I’m at the same point on my kit. Its too bad these kits dont come with directions, looking forward to the next video

  2. All I can say is WOW. A buddy of mine and I ordered a couple of kits and a million questions came up about doing a proper finish. You answered all of them and more. I was going to document it when I did it but I’m just going to direct everybody to your site. Amazing job on explaining it so that even a novice can understand. Thanks, Fred!!!

  3. Dude!!! Nice work on the finish! Looks like a really well built kit – I was all excited to get one, and then discovered that the seller doesn’t ship to Canada. Booo 🙁
    Stoked to see more videos! Cheers!

  4. hey maybe once you’re done with this beauty you can help me with mine! I’ve been trying to assemble my own kit but the hum buckers are different! my neck has red wire with2 inside of it. ones white and the other is blank. for my budge the wire is black and the same white and blank one. Im completely confused on the whole thing and i have desperately been poking for a diagram but its been impossible! its so frustrating. if you could help it would be awesome (same as yours 2 volume and 2 tone with a 3 way toggle switch)

  5. I have a question about the tru-oil after u layed down alot of layers did u put anything else over it ? i did like 12 coats but i was wondering if i needed to put anything else over it to protect it or will it be fine as is ? thx

    • It will do fine as is, however I am considering doing a 3 step car wax process to get more shine

      • i was thinking about doing this also but wasn’t sure if the oil finish could be buffed/wax’d.. if u do end up doing it make video’s brah !! You make good video’s !

  6. Did you carve the top of the head stock because I noticed there was a difference from the 1st vid to your 2nd one.

    • Yup I did. The kit allows you to custom design the headstock. I just used a rotary tool to cut the shape.

  7. I would love to have that same kit but I cant seem to find the one with the set neck

    • I just checked too. It looks like they may be temporarily out of stock. You should check back in a few days, I know they plan to keep this item in stock.

  8. Didn’t like my question?

    • Sorry it was deleted on accident. Was using my phone to approve comments. Feel free to ask again or I can undelete it when I get to my desktop

  9. Gareth Gillespie

    Hi Fred. Just wanted to say ur videos are awesome
    I’d been thinking about getting one of these kits but have never done anything like this before. Ur videos however, helped me make up my mind. Knowing that they are here to help made my decision easy. I will be using them at every step. Now just to wait for my house to be ready so I can get out of the mother in laws and have somewhere to do it.

    Thanks again and the guitar looks awesome.

  10. DIY LP Kit that you did the videos on, how would you rate it on quality an playability once it was totally complete? Could it be played professionaly?

  11. Could you please make a video of how to install tuners? I have some idea, but I don’t want to risk it!